SPMC 101% ready for vaccination

(NF Photo)

DAVAO CITY – The Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) is 101 percent ready for the Covid-19 vaccination to start on Friday (March 5), an official said Tuesday.

Dr. Ricardo Audan, SPMC officer-in-charge said they are very prepared on their vaccination program as they have conducted two vaccine simulations already.

“We will still conduct our final simulation tomorrow to make sure we will do it smoothly,” he added.

He also clarified that even the vaccination starts,  it will not hamper the operation of SPMC as well as the work of the health care workers. 

Audan said they will hold the vaccination for two weeks starting on March 5  at 150 health workers per day.

“Based on our survey yesterday (March 1), 72 to 75 percent of the health workers here agreed to get vaccinated,” he said.

Audan also volunteered to be the first person to get the coronavirus jab.
“I want to be a role model to other health workers. That is also the best way to convince them,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ashley Lopez, City Health Office (CHO) said the city is also ready for the vaccination program. “We only waited for the vaccine, in terms of preparation, we are ready,” he added. 

Lopez said the rollout will be initiated by the leaders, and medical doctors and it is just rightful that they will give enough providence to the public for them to submit to the process of vaccination.

“We have still to account the number of those who are willing to be vaccinated. This is voluntary and we are still identifying health workers who want to be vaccinated,” he said.

Like Audan, Lopez also assured to take a shot on March 5.