Sara honors frontliners in Araw ng Dabaw

Sara honors frontliners in Araw ng Dabaw
Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte (right- NF File Photo) and SPMC COVID Ward 3 Nurse Abbie Peralta (left - Photo from Abbie Peralta Facebook account)

DAVAO CITY – Mayor Sara Z. Duterte honors the frontliners who continuously combat the deadly coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in her statement today dedicated  for the 84th Araw ng Dabaw on Monday (March 1). 

“And so, let this 2021 Araw ng Dabaw be a tribute to all our frontliners, to all whom we have lost this past year, and to each Dabawenyo abiding by the protocols set in place to ensure each other’s safety, for it is our grit, our tenacity, and our discipline that will see us through to the end of this pandemic, in the hopes that we may one day safely celebrate our Araw ng Dabaw in the streets once more,” she said.

For its second year, the annual celebration will be celebrated online due to the pandemic.

“My fellow Dabawenyos, this year is the second time that we are celebrating the Araw ng Dabaw virtually – without the usual festivities and gatherings we have been accustomed to in the past. A lot has happened in the span of a year; we are not the same city we were in 2020, and the threat of Covid-19 is still present, but as resilient and united Dabawenyos, we shall overcome, as we always have, in the face of adversity.”

She urged the Dabawenyos to celebrate in their homes as the city government has prepared a number of online events and features.

“We are inviting you all to join us in these virtual events that will showcase the best of Davao. And let us remember that while Araw ng Dabaw has always been a joyous celebration of pomp and pageantry, it is, at its core, a celebration of and a salute to the Dabawenyo,” Duterte further added.

Meanwhile, Rosemarie Baguio, a government employee told News Fort in an interview that the resiliency of the city and the Dabawenyos shown in the past year is indeed a true mark of valor. 

“It magnifies our remarkable nature that not even a pandemic can crush the hearts of high-spirited Dabawenyos.  We aren’t out of the woods yet, but I hope that we will continue to support and help each other until we reach the end of this dark moment in our lives. Besides, isn’t it the true essence of celebrating Araw ng Dabaw? I believe that this is not only a showcase of the City’s beauty and culture, but also an embodiment of our genuine love and ardent faith. Let us continue to move forward, with a lighter heart and a peaceful mind,” she said.

Baguio also thanked  the mayor for being the light and pillar of hope in these trying times. 

“Your strength as a woman and a mother of the city has inspired us to surpass another year with positivity.  We will come out stronger and more united. Dabawenyo ta,” she further added.

Reena Claudette Tolibas, Department of Education (DepEd) Schools Division of Davao City Administrative Assistant II, also told News Fort that despite the adversities, the city government did not forsake the Dabawenyos.

“Even it is celebrated in an online platform, they [city government] made sure that they will still give joy to the Dabawenyos. It might not be as grand as before due to the pandemic, what’s important is we are working hand in hand in dealing this,” she added.

Tolibas also urged her fellow Dabawenyo to heed to the call of the government in observing proper health protocol.

“We, the ‘backliners’ should help our front-liners. Let us always put in mind that the government never leaves us in time of crisis,” she stressed.