DOH-11 tells senior citizens to register for vaccination

DOH-11 tells senior citizens to register for vaccination
(NF File Photo by Arjoy Ceniza)

DAVAO CITY – The Department of Health in Region 11 (DOH-11) urged the senior citizens to register for the vaccination against COVID-19.

Since Group A1 or the front-liners are almost covered, Dr. Annabelle Yumang, DOH-11 regional director said that registration for senior citizens is ongoing in the region.

“They can go to their respective barangay health centers to register. If they cannot go personally, they can be represented by a family member,” she said.

Yumang added that allowing a representative for the senior citizens would depend on the strategy of the barangay captains since some of the senior citizens can no longer walk.

“There is really a need to find ways on how to register our senior citizens,” she stressed.

On Tuesday morning, another 7, 200 doses of Sinovac vaccine arrived at the Davao International Airport (DIA).

When asked if Sinovac is suitable for the senior citizens, Yumang said, “we have not announced the vaccine intended for them yet because Sinovac is only for 18-59 years old.”

With the continuous allocation of vaccines in the region, Yumang emphasized that there is no shortage of vaccines for the health care workers in the region.

“We do not have a shortage of our vaccines. The first 36,800 doses given by the national government to us are intended for the 36,800 health workers.

However, there are still those who are not covered on that number since we have a lot of health workers and front-liners in the A1 group to be inoculated,” she clarified.

Yumang said that in the event that the A1 group will all be inoculated and there are Sinovac vaccines left, they will skip with the senior citizens group since they are not suited to receive the said vaccine.

“We will skip them and we will proceed to the next group who are fit to receive the Sinovac doses,” she said.