Community exercise vs SPARU successful: TF-Davao

Community exercise vs SPARU successful: TF-Davao
(Left Photo) Task Force Davao personnel playing the role SPARU members being interviewed by a staff in the Barangay Hall of Mandug. / (Right Photo) ask Force Davao Commander Col. Consolito Yecla gives a final final briefing to the actors prior the community exercise. (Photos courtesy of Task Force Davao)

DAVAO CITY – The Task Force Davao described as successful the first-ever City-wide Community Exercise (COMMEX 2) to counter the Special Partisan Unit (SPARU) or the hit squad of the New People’s Army (NPA).

TF-Davao recommended to City Mayor Sara Duterte the conduct of the simulation exercise after the CPP-NPA declared to have reactivated the SPARU.

COMMEX 2 was conducted last February 26 aimed at measuring the effectiveness on the ability of the public in reporting the presence of  SPARU members in accordance to the practice of the Culture of Security in their respective barangays.

The exercise which was done in five barangays in the city was based on a comprehensive plan laid by TFD  together with Davao City Police Office (DCPO), 1003rd Infantry Brigade, City Public Information Office of Davao and Public Safety and Security Command Center (PSSCC).  

Up to 20 “rabbits” -which is the term used by TFD to represent SPARU members, were deployed  around 10 am of February 26.

At 10:30, four radio stations announced a public advisory on the COMMEX 2, asking the public not to panic. The public was also told to be on the lookout for the “SPARU rabbits” who were acting “suspicious” and did a surveillance in the identified barangays.

At 11:05 am, the first “SPARU rabbit” was neutralized at Barangay 76-A after  a barangay tanod spotted the SPARU doing surveillance in the barangay. All four “rabbits” were neutralized by barangay tanods and a barangay employee of Barangay 76-A.

In between 10:30-a.m- 02:38 pm, four rabbits were neutralized at about 200m away from the barangay hall by the barangay officials in Maa.

At 11:46 a.m.- 1:13pm., four rabbits were neutralized about 200m away from the barangay hall in Gov. Paciano Bangoy, Agdao.

At 2:25pm, all four rabbits deployed at Barangay Mandug were neutralized after their presence  was reported by the barangay secretary to the PNP Station 13. 

At 11:20am-2:38pm, two rabbits were neutralized at the Barangay Hall of Catalunan Pequeño. The SPARUs were identified by a barangay tanod at the store 50 meters from the barangay hall. 

However,  there were two “rabbits ”  who were not spotted by the public.

At the end of the COMMEX 2 only two “SPARU rabbits” were not spotted by the public which leads to 18 out of 20 or 90% response rating. This only shows that the public is already adopting the Culture of Security as part of their way of life, TFD  Commander Colonel Consolito Yecla said.

He lauded the efforts of the players including  all partner agencies for the success of the said activity as he stressed  the importance of public vigilance on the new faces in their respective communities especially those who are with individuals or organizations supporting the rebel movement.

” Purok leaders, barangay officials and the whole community should start looking for suspicious individuals in their puroks and barangays to make Davao City safe and secure,” he said.

Yecla calls all Davaoeños to adhere to the Anti-Terror Campaign, “May Nakita? Dapat Magsalita!” by immediately reporting  any suspicious persons and actions to hasten security actions.